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About Divorce

DIVORCE is one of the most traumatic events to occur in life.
The dissolution of a marriage brings life-altering changes that put spouses in uncharted territory. From finances to living arrangements to child custody, everything changes once a divorce is initiated.

This is especially true for individuals who took a hands-off approach to managing finances during the marriage. These “non-financial” spouses are at a significant disadvantage during and after a divorce. Why?
While their attorney will fight to ensure the non-financial spouse receives a fair division of marital assets, once the divorce is finalized and the settlement distributed, the client-attorney relationship naturally concludes, too. In most cases, this leaves the non-financial spouse to figure things out on his or her own. He or she is often at a loss as to how to manage these assets.
Trusted financial advisors that were relied upon during the marriage were often selected by the other spouse. This calls into question their impartiality, as they are now viewed as part of the “other” team. In fact, the Wall Street Journal suggests that divorcing your pre-divorce financial advisor is the best way to achieve post-divorce financial success.
Whether a marital estate is $50,000 or $5 million, there is a need for a specially-skilled advocate to help non-financial spouses with the post-divorce transition to financial independence and success.

What is a Divorce Transitional Support Advisor?

The Divorce Transitional Support Advisor is a new role created by Dr. Robert Hetsler to address this gaping need in the overall divorce process.

After serving in various roles as a professional mediator, forensic accountant, court-appointed valuator, and expert witness in more than 3,000 divorce cases throughout the United States, Dr. Hetsler saw countless situations where a non-financial spouse struggled to manage their divorce settlement.

What he quickly realized was that these non-financial spouses needed a relationship advisor to work with them – during and after the divorce – to educate them and help guide them to the professionals who can assist with long-term management of these assets. In response, he created the Divorce Transitional Support Advisor.

This advisor, working as a complementary part of the overall divorce team, fulfills a role akin to that of a temporary, personal Chief Financial Officer to the client. The advisor:

• Fields the non-financial spouse’s questions & educates the client on financial basics
• Offers emotional support and encouragement while the non-financial spouse gets back on his or her feet
• Make appropriate referral introductions to appropriate professionals (money managers, real estate experts, etc.) based on the non-financial spouse’s specific needs.

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Who Does a Divorce Transitional Support Advisor Help?

The Divorce Transitional Support Advisor role is beneficial to individuals experiencing a divorce and to the attorneys representing clients in divorces.

About Us

Robert G. Hetsler, Jr., J.D.*,CPA**,CVA,FCPA,CFF,MAFF,CMAP


Dr. Robert Hetsler has spent more than a decade providing business valuation, forensic accounting, mediation and expert witness services in more than 3,000 dissolution matters.

Dr. Hetsler is not only a financial specialist in the division of retirement and pension accounts. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Personal Financial Planner (PFP), an attorney (non-practicing) and licensed real estate agent. This unique combination of skills coupled with a vast network of professionals throughout the country with whom Dr. Hetsler has cultivated professional relationships, positions Dr. Hetsler as an expert in the role of a Divorce Transitional Support Advisor.

Because of his unique set of financial skills, Dr. Hetsler is often called upon during divorce proceedings by attorneys and mediators nationwide to provide expert assistance in the division of retirement accounts.

He has testified as an expert witness in divorce cases involving the valuing of retirement and pension accounts. He has also been retained to provide pension valuations and prepare qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO’s) for 401(k) accounts, military retirement divisions, pensions, 403(b) accounts, FERS, non-qualified plans and many other types of retirement accounts in thousands of divorce cases.

He is a Harvard University trained Financial Expert. He is the author of seven books on important divorce topics, as well as the founder of the nationally recognized online divorce school where he researched and interviewed the top divorce minds throughout the United States.

You may visit LinkedIn to connect with Dr. Hetsler and view his full professional profile, recommendations and positive feedback from others throughout the United States.

In addition to being trained as a family mediator to handle the sensitive family issues that come with divorce, Dr. Hetsler’s tax and accounting background make him uniquely qualified to deal with the complex financial issues couples often face when going through a divorce, including tax implications, child support and alimony payments and the division of marital assets, including retirement accounts.


Divorce Attorneys

As a divorce attorney, you are well aware of the stress a client is under during and immediately after a divorce. As your client’s primary contact during this time, you and your staff often field questions that go well beyond the legal process itself.

Concerns about child custody, support and division of the marital estate are just some of the things a client will contact you about throughout the case. You know the law cold and are vigorously representing your client’s best interests. However, many times a client’s concerns go beyond legal procedure. This is especially true with clients who are considered the non-financial partner in the marriage.

When it comes to fielding financial questions from these non-financial spouses, it is often preferable to offer your client a third-party resource who can build a complimentary relationship with the client, educate and reassure them during this time of need and connect the client with the appropriate professional resources. This allows you, as the attorney, to focus on the legalities of your case.

Whether you are filing a new case or about to finalize a settlement, adding a Divorce Transitional Support Advisor to your team is a sound decision.

• Enhance the services you offer – Not every divorce attorney is also a CPA or financial planner. In fact, most are not. Yet you care about your client and want to ensure his or her long-term financial success. With a Divorce Transitional Support Advisor, you can offer your clients expert financial guidance at no cost to you or your client.

• Streamline your case – Forget struggling to get your client’s accurately completed financial affidavits. When you engage us as a Divorce Transitional Support Advisor, we will work directly with your client to capture their relevant financial information and prepare a “court-ready” and complete financial statement. Likewise, for a nominal fee, we can prepare any QDROs required to effectuate division of retirement assets.

• Provide an additional client resource – Clients often have many questions throughout the divorce process, yet having their attorney field every question can be an expensive proposition. By adding a Divorce Transitional Support Advisor to your team, your client has a third-party professional who can respond and offer support – at no cost. This an excellent way to ensure that the client is supported while you can focus on the legal issues at hand.

• Offer a global approach – Owing to readily-available technology, the relationship between a Divorce Transitional Support Advisor and the client can be completely virtual. Of course, this is only possible if your Divorce Transitional Support Advisor has already built a fully vetted referral network with other professionals throughout the United States and the world. We’ve done all the legwork and are proud of our global network of like-minded professionals! This means that whether your client is getting a divorce in Topeka, Tampa or Tacoma or receives assets somewhere beyond their current location (within or outside the U.S.), he or she can benefit from our services. We are proud to have helped clients across America and in numerous foreign countries.

• Peace of mind – Long after the divorce is concluded and your final invoice is sent, you can rest assured that your client has a “go to” resource for help with financial-related questions and asset management issues.

Contact us today to find out how a Divorce Transitional Support Advisor can streamline your cases and enhance your existing and future attorney-client relationships.

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For anyone who is going – or has recently gone – through a divorce, the services of a Divorce Transitional Support Advisor can prove invaluable. Whether you have $10,000 or $10 million, finding a team of professional advisors you can trust and rely on is paramount to your long-term financial success.

Our services are available to anyone in need of asset management assistance. No matter the size of your estate or your location, our comprehensive and solid referral network ensures that we can help you whether you are in Miami or Seattle or anywhere in between.

It is our primary goal to ensure that you are connected to professionals that are right for you, based on your individual needs and circumstances.

When you engage us as your Transitional Support Advisor, you receive many benefits:

• Immediate and ongoing assistance with management of your assets – By getting you to the right people who can provide the right advice quickly and efficiently, it helps minimize the risk of devaluation of your share of the marital estate through inaction or inattention.

• Long-term relationship resource – Even after you have been referred to appropriate professionals, your Divorce Transitional Support Advisor is never more than just a phone call away to help field questions or resolve issues.

• Helpful at any time – Whether your divorce is just starting or you already received your financial settlement, your Divorce Transitional Support Advisor can provide valuable guidance and referrals to ensure you are on the path to financial independence.

• No cost – Since any compensation is received exclusively through referral commissions, you are never charged for any of the services of your Divorce Transitional Support Advisor. You can contact us as often as needed, with no fear of receiving a large bill for the services we provide.

Don’t delay. Inaction is the biggest threat to becoming financially independent. Contact us now to find out how we can help ease the pain during this difficult time.

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